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What is my Process?
To keep interest in viewing your event over & over, the shot selection is dependant upon what is going on. For example, full length zoomed into personal close-up shots during the first dance of the Bride and Groom or Mother/Son or Father/Daughter Dances.

I'll mix cut-away shots of the bride and groom greeting their guests with emotion-filled shots of grandparents, nieces, nephews and the rest of the family. I have learned how extra-special the out-of-towners' attending your event can be, and make sure to capture them as well. High-angle views, blended with medium-shots and close-ups make for a great end-result.

After all, I videotape your events (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, special occasions) with as much care as though my own family is celebrating. Each project begins with establishing shots, moves on to group shots (bride's/groom's side of the family, all the friends, pre-ceremony (if applicable), ceremony, cocktails, reception, dancing... all the way through to closing comments. Over the years, I've learned from customers just what makes a good video Great! I ask each new customer what is extra-important to the Bride & Groom, Parents, etc. My passion is to deliver a lasting memory of your event.

Technically speaking...
  • I listen to what you tell me... my agenda is your agenda
  • Arrive early
  • Bring backup equipment (Every type of gear: cameras, lights, microphone.. everything)
  • Thorough checking: Video and audio checks to assure proper recording occurs
  • Stay as long as needed (may require overtime)
  • Check picture quality (multiple x per hour)
  • Don't intimidate or crowd people (zoom lenses)
  • Shoot like my own family
  • State-of-the-art Software Editing (full sight and sound)

Single vs. Multi-Cameras
One camera can give you a lot of variety - from close-ups to panoramic shots! Realize though, one camera can't be everywhere at once...although I do try! Instead, with two or more cameras, you benefit from two or more sets of eyes & ears. More raw footage means great one-of-a-kind shots... all taken without interfering with family and friends on your special day. After all, who wouldn't want video of your grandparents grooving to the music?

During the wedding ceremony, when the bride first appears, I'll alternate closeup shot of her with the groom's (and guests') reactions to the lovely woman at the end of the aisle.
When everyone is dancing, we can alternate close-ups and wide shots in syncopation with the beat of the music!
During toasts, our main camera captures the speaker, while the second camera catches reactions of parents, bride, groom, etc.

I use state-of-the-art software with which to edit all DVDs. Thus, I include chapters, allowing you to start at the beginning, or go right to another part of the day's events. I edit in special effects for a truly polished DVD, including scene transitions, slow-motion, picture-in-picture, animated backgrounds, titles/credits, etc.

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