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Customer Comments
“Jeff is great. He got every shot that we needed for this special event. I highly recommend him for your family event.”
Joan D., Schaumburg

“The best video ever! And on top of that he gave us a highlight reel. We have sent copies to family in Europe, Israel and even Southeast Asia! Everyone has given rave reviews.”
Jason P., Deerfield

“We are so amazed with the memories that we are able to share with our friends and family thanks to Jeff Kovit. Professional with many years of experience and this clearly shows with the great work that he does.”
Evelia and Suzie

Jeff Kovit
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Jeff Kovit Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit “There are only a few things in our lives that become more valuable or treasured as we age. Not items we collect or plan to sell, but treasured as we age. Not items we collect or plan to sell, but something that brings back memories, perhaps of family and friends that are no longer with us. One of those things is a videotape. And videotaping is one of the things that Jeff Kovit or Jeff Kovit Video Productions does extremely well. While there are many people that can operate a video camera, it takes someone special that has the ability to communicate and relate to the people being videotaped so that it is not just a bunch of scenes strung together, but the story or record of the event. The event that Jeff videotaped for us was the marriage of our daughter over 15 years ago. While we don’t view the videotape regularly, when we do, we really appreciate how well he performs his assignment. If you have an event, especially a once in a lifetime event, you should contact Jeff and listen to his plan for making your event even more memorable for many more years to come.”
— Martin Chasen SMC Photo Promotions
Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit “I couldn’t think of 2 individuals to recommend more than Jeff and Zina for doing your wedding video. From the beginning to receiving the video they both were very attentive and detail oriented. They captured every significant moment on my big day. Aside from all of the hard work they put into the final video Jeff and Zina are very sweet and easy to work with..”
— From Mara and Liran....
Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit “I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Jeff Kovit. Jeff is truly a one of a kind videographer. I was recommended to him by a family member and I am so glad he was our wedding videographer. I still find myself watching our wedding video over and over in awe. He is creative, talented, and professional. Our wedding video is absolutely wonderful. He made my wife and I feel comfortable from the first meeting and we trusted his vision. He made it very clear that it was all about us as a couple and we were sold.”
— Sincerely, Theresa Venegas
Jeff Kovit
Jeff Kovit

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